East Central Illinois Pointer & Setter Club- March 2018 Trial

You ever enter your dog in a trial and think to yourself, well, this is either going to be a complete shit show or really, really freaking fun? I have! Jive ran her first trial this weekend at Middlefork through the East Central Illinois Pointer & Setter Club. I'm happy to say that we had A LOT of fun! Great dogs, nice grounds, and straight up WONDERFUL folks running the trial, judging the trial, and in the trial. 
I wasn't sure how Jive would do with this being her first go round (and with me, in a new venue), and just 8 months old--but she didn't disappoint! I knew I wanted to enter her in puppy, but also entered her in derby on a whim. 
Derby was first, and whoa did she run... and run... and run! As one judge put it, she was on fire! She had a nice find that only took me what seemed like 20 minutes to get to, but she held and looked pretty good. Her derby run put me through my paces, but afterward as I was piecing bits of it together, I knew she ran well and was happy with that. She received many compliments and was awarded FIRST place for it! I thought the judges were messing with me, but they were serious! Excuse me while I float away on cloud 9...
Jive's puppy run was a bit more tame compared to her derby run, but had some nice moments to it. She handled a bit more smoothly and had a good time. She ended up placing 2nd behind her sister! 
I couldn't be more pleased with Jive's first weekend out and ECIPS couldn't of been more friendly and inviting. Already looking at where to enter her next... cause, you know, it's kind of addicting!

I was able to get a few photos of the day-- enjoy!